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Jjot makes it possible for anyone to create, print, and share notes on the fly. The notes are nicely organized in what is called "noteboards" making it easier for you to group relevant notes together. Each note you create can include links, bulleted lists, bold text, and can be moved around or zoomed at your convenience. Sharing your notes is made possible by either emailing an individual note, or by sharing a whole noteboard through a specially created URL. The option of printing notes is also available and you can easily print notes individually or print an entire noteboard. A really useful feature is the search functionality; when notes pill up and you can’t remember where you saved a particular note, this would definitely make your life easier.


  • Easily create notes (a la sticky notes)
  • Organize notes in noteboards
  • Share notes or an entire noteboard
  • Notes can include links, bulleted lists, and some text formatting
  • Notes can be resized or moved around
  • Registration is optional, but it is recommended if you need to save what you create
  • Search functionality


Jjot is the creation of Phil Crosby who describes his site as follows:

Jjot is a simple, lightweight website for jotting down notes. You can use it to take down class or meeting notes, reminders, or Internet research. You can access your notes from any computer by visiting jjot.com, and easily share and email notes to other people


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