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ava7Patterns offers a cool collection of seamless background patterns that you can use for your site or desktop. Plenty of sites offer free background patterns for download, but what makes ava7Paterns different is the pleasant feeling and positive vibes one gets from exploring this elegantly designed site.

Let me start by what the site is offering; well, it’s background patterns, and when you need to find them, everything that would help you in doing so is well placed, allowing you to immediately start exploring without any hassle. For instance, the colors and shapes selectors are positioned at the top of the page, and right under them is the images of the patterns with all relevant information. You want to see how a pattern would look on a webpage, then all you have to do is click the preview link. You like it, hit that download link and you got it.

ava7Patterns has some real cool stuff hidden from the inattentive eye. I’ll start with the more obvious ones such as hovering over the fly on the right side of the screen, the one that says "kill the fly", or hover over the left or right wing of the "evil lady", you know that large ladybird beetle in the center of the screen. Now for something I find really amusing; you will notice that the horizontal scroll bar is active, just scroll to the end… And no, I didn’t forget to mention what’s revealed, I just want you to discover it on your own, I could only give you this hint: 5000px.