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A roundup of 30 examples of extreme minimalism in web design, including web apps, portfolios, and other websites

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A roundup of 105 examples of clean and minimal Twitter apps, for inspiration, fun, and a minimal use of brain power.

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The Shortest URL Shorteners

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I have previously posted a roundup of 20 Really Short URL Shorteners, but now I feel the need to list the shortest URL shorteners out there, or at least the ones I know about.

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TwitterContd allows you to type more than 140 characters on Twitter. It also allows you to create Short URLs, and upload up to 100 MB of photos, video, documents and audio. (more…)

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Data is boring, information is interesting! I’ve always used this statement whenever the issue of data is being discussed. No one is really interested in looking at a large number of data rows, or even a small one. As humans, we tend to better understand a particular issue when it is presented to us in a visual way…

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When it comes to online color palette and color scheme generators, the choice can be hard, as there are many tools out there that offer such functionality. At one point, I was tempted to list the 50+ generators that I know about, but then thought, this isn’t about making another "ultimate" list, what matters most are the tools that offer the functionalities required to unleash your creative juices.

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ColoRotate.org is a new innovative tool to explore colors in 3D, just as a human brain perceives color. (more…)

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Repper by StudioLudens

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Repper is a new tool that generates cool patterns from images. (more…)

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What governs efficient browsing is the speed of finding bookmarks, specially the most used ones, and the fastest way to do that is the ability to easily spot what we need. In the case of bookmarks, a snapshot of a website would be the solution, and that’s what triggered the creation of visual bookmarking.

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Last week I have posted a roundup of 15 Online Background Generators, and since then I’ve realized that many people needed specialized generators for Twitter backgrounds, something that was brought to my attention by many feedback from the readers, and they are right about that. Twitter has become the place for anyone’s online presence, and having a good Twitter profile page is very important as it reflects who you really are.

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