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Description: is a new innovative tool to explore colors in 3D, just as a human brain perceives color. There are plenty of tools to help create and explore color palettes, and many of them are excellent in what they provide, but remain constrained by their two-dimensional display and selection of colors. It’s true, we did adapt to the limitations of prior tools, but now is the time for revolution, and ColoRotate delivers that with grace.

The process of selecting and exploring colors is simplistic enough, and is grasped by the user at a glance. The tool clearly displays the multidimensional nature of the selected color and how colors are related to each other, just the way our eyes and brain process color. ColoRotate comes packed with features that make the creation of color palettes and themes a snap for both experts and amateurs, and just like other tools, a community is there, to share and explore.

ColoRotate was realized by Michael Douma, the executive director of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA), who describes the tool as follows:

ColoRotate mimics the way the human mind senses and processes color, making it an extremely useful tool that also happens to be engaging and fun.