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David LeMieux

Introducing …

Today’s interview is with a software engineer who creates “crazy” side projects, who derives his inspiration from his own family, and who brings us websites that fill everyday needs such as E.ggtimer and J.otDown. Today we get to know David LeMieux.

The Interview…

Q1. You are the "One" on SingleFunction this week, so, who are you really?

I am David LeMieux, a San Francisco Bay Area software engineer currently employed at Widgetbox. I recently graduated with a B.S. in Communication from BYU-Idaho. I have a lovely, supportive wife and two amazing, beautiful children. If you peek in to my window late at night under a full moon you will see my up late working on a some crazy side project. - Short thoughts by David LeMieux

Q2. What made you start web development/design in the first place?

I actually got in to programming by way of animation. When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be an animator for Disney. My parents have always been tech savvy, so one day while on the Internet I stumbled across a web animation contest. Contestants got to download free trials of Real Player (for audio recording) and Macromedia Flash. I started on my project right away, but as I went I discovered that I like the interactive aspect of Flash (buttons! inputs! oh my!) than actually doing any animating. So I started getting in to ActionScript. Fast forward ten years and I now code in Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, ActionScript (2 and 3), and JavaScript.

Q3. What inspires you?

I will unashamedly sound cliche and say that my family inspires me. I say it because it is true. My first working PHP/MySQL application was a note program for my wife and I to use to send notes to each other at school as we were both in college at the time. When we were expecting our first child I made a count down timer for the occasion. I also get a lot of inspiration from frustration. In other words, when I am frustrated (“why won’t X just work like it is supposed to!”) I often get ideas on how to solve what is frustrating me.

Q4. What’s a typical day for you?

I wake up, get out of bed, and drag a comb across my head. Then I walk to the bus, take the bus to the train, take the train to the city, and then walk to my office in San Francisco. Then I work all day, mostly on front-end development, specifically Flash. After work I go back the way I came and then spend the evening with my family.

Q5. How does your "Command Center" look like?

At work I have a totally awesome setup. My home computer is nice too, but its kind of familied.

David LeMieux Command Center

Q6. What operating system do you use?

Work = OSX. Home = Windows Vista. I love them both, really. I have an equal number of complaints about both as well as equal praise.

Q7. What’s the programming language you are most comfortable with?

I have the most experience with Flash and ActionScript, but anything ECMAScript related works. In school I learned to love Java. In my spare time I use PHP.

Q8. What’s your favorite tool/IDE?

Notepad++ for Windows. I am still undecided on which text editor I like best for OSX.


Q9. How do you start a new project?

Sketches. Diagrams. More sketches. I love putting ideas to paper. I always carry a notepad with me. I use my computer for just about everything else, but when it comes to brainstorming and kicking off a new project I always, ALWAYS, get out a pen and pad and start jotting.

Q10. What’s your design philosophy?

I like to keep things simple. I also make things for me. That is to say that when I’ve said “I should make that” enough times to myself I clue in and make it. Most of my creations (E.ggtimer, TinyAsk, J.ot Down, PeqURL, MediaPox Card Creator) I use on a regular basis because they fill a need I previously had.

Q11. What was your first website?

My first website, beside my AOL member page back in the day, was for my country. A few friends and I decided to unite our bedrooms and secede from the nation and the tyranny of bossy parent. We called it the United Rooms of America and made a website. Anyone could join if they filled out the questionnaire. We voted on a new president every week. I wish that site was still around. It is not, alas.

Q12. What’s your favorite creation?

In college I ran a widget development company called WidgetNest. That was probably the best thing I’ve ever done in terms of where it took me professionally. I worked for clients of all types and sizes, made lots of contacts, and ultimately ended up getting a great job from it. And, without my help, it continues to grow in user base.

Q13. What’s hot now and you would like to let everyone know about? – I didn’t make it but let me speak to the power of the real-time web, especially as it relates to searching for updates on current events. Its going to change the world.

Q14. What’s next?

I always iterate on my projects, meaning that I am constantly updating things. I plan on adding more features to J.ot Down, my internet notepad project, as well as sprucing up some older projects with fresh design. Take PeqURL for instance. Didn’t some other URL shortening service just get tons of money? I am sure it isn’t as awesome and mine.

Q15. Being the One, what’s the one advice you would give to the wannabes out there?

Do. Make. Create. When you get an idea to make something, make it. Even if it is completely silly, just do it. Even if it has already been done, do it your way. You will learn a lot in the process. I know I have.

Wrapping Up…

Thank you David for giving your time to answer the questions of this interview, and I wish you all the best.

Here are some links to get inspired by David’s creations and design:

And for those who need to get in touch with David, either leave him a comment here, or connect with him at the following sites:

Next week, same place same time, a new "colorful" interview, so stay tuned…

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