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Added on: February 26th, 2009

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SamePoint is a conversation search engine that lets you see what people are talking about. This is done by utilizing SamePoint’s unique technology to bring conversations together from multiple sources to one defined point.

Why is this important? The fact is, user-generated conversations and content are becoming the dominant form of online media, and consumers and marketers alike are seeking new ways to tap into the dialogue to become part of the conversation. That’s where SamePoint comes into play.

Basically you start your search in the conventional way we are all accustomed to, and then, similar to Google, you can narrow your search to the areas that interests you more, such as “Social Mention”, “Discussion Points”, “Bookmarks”, “Wikis”, etc…

The website also offers quick links to “Trending Conversations” right under it’s main search box. A more detailed view of the “Social Search Trends” can be found on their Trend Page.